Pre-IBCLC Exam Thoughts
Toddler Takes Flight
Tales of Pumping
Communicating with a Baby: Approaching Baby Signs
The Joy of Baby Massage: Getting Around Wiggles and Other Challenges
Approaching the Weaning Blues
Forward thinking thoughts on Donor Milk and Milk Banks
Self-Care as a Mom may take on new Forms
Weaning from the Nipple Shield: A Personal Depiction of my Breastfeeding Experience
How Partners Can Help with Pumping Routines

Megs’ Instagram

  • With 🌈 rainbows and ☘️ shamrocks on your side, may your heart 💚 be bright on this St. patty’s day weekend! ~ the Egan family
  • Happy IBCLC day to all the amazing IBCLCs I know, and hopefully me too sometime after I take the exam next month!! Picture of me nursing my bumble bee for fun! 🤱🏽🐝 #nurseonmama #ibclcday #mamamilk
  • Having a blast talking and singing about snow today ❄️
  • So pretty and reminds me of Tacoma
  • 2019! Here we come! Words can not describe the joys and turbulence of 2018... to me this picture captures the essence of the year: crawling with joy!
  • We’ve got something to smile about 😁😁
  • Sometimes... you just gotta grab seaweed and run! (taken a few days before my baby turned one)
  • Pumpkins 🎃 anyone?
  • Feeling so proud of learning a new skill of wrapping my cutie on my back! It had a steep learning curve, and I still have some room for improvement but learning new things is fun! #babywearingmama

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