Pre-IBCLC Exam Thoughts
Toddler Takes Flight
Tales of Pumping
Communicating with a Baby: Approaching Baby Signs
The Joy of Baby Massage: Getting Around Wiggles and Other Challenges
Approaching the Weaning Blues
Forward thinking thoughts on Donor Milk and Milk Banks
Self-Care as a Mom may take on new Forms
Weaning from the Nipple Shield: A Personal Depiction of my Breastfeeding Experience
How Partners Can Help with Pumping Routines

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  • Been so long since I’ve worn a pair of earings. Wearing these hoops is definitely a first. I am guessing they will be a kid magnet! Happy Spring!
  • 🐣🥚🐰I feel like a half birthday on Easter is kind of a special thing, right?!? I mean I have been excited about this 18 month milestone for months now!
  • Fun times
  • Had my first go at making what we call “packs” in our house (or mashed up baby food). Now to see if the little one approves. I have to say they were fun to make. 🥑🍓
  • Throwback to wearing ring slings- have you ever breastfed wearing baby in a ring sling? I have! 🙋🏽‍♀️, I still remember the feeling... it wasn’t exactly hand free for me as you can see I am still supporting baby’s latch, but I just remember feeling so supported both ergonomically and spiritually!
  • Feeling jazzed in life- took my ibclc exam today and it was honestly the most enjoyable exam I have ever taken, if exams can be considered enjoyable lol! Won’t find out my results til June but at least my joy is a sign I am on the right path in life, perusing my interest in helping moms and babies... hey and getting the hang of this babywearing thing too, but maybe not the selfie thing yet, lol 🤞🏼
  • With 🌈 rainbows and ☘️ shamrocks on your side, may your heart 💚 be bright on this St. patty’s day weekend! ~ the Egan family
  • Happy IBCLC day to all the amazing IBCLCs I know, and hopefully me too sometime after I take the exam next month!! Picture of me nursing my bumble bee for fun! 🤱🏽🐝 #nurseonmama #ibclcday #mamamilk

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