Pre-IBCLC Exam Thoughts
Toddler Takes Flight
Tales of Pumping
Communicating with a Baby: Approaching Baby Signs
The Joy of Baby Massage: Getting Around Wiggles and Other Challenges
Approaching the Weaning Blues
Forward thinking thoughts on Donor Milk and Milk Banks
Self-Care as a Mom may take on new Forms
Weaning from the Nipple Shield: A Personal Depiction of my Breastfeeding Experience
How Partners Can Help with Pumping Routines

Megs’ Instagram

  • Take me back! As we start to transition into fall I find myself savoring summer memories ❤️. Grateful.
  • Our first kiddie ride together!
  • So I actually won something on an Instagram contest! Thanks to the people I tagged!.. It was fancy baby food from @myserenitykids. When it came, Emily wanted to open it right away and organize the pouches. Then she tasted one and approved of the organic goodness. Thanks for hosting this give away!
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  • Been so long since I’ve worn a pair of earings. Wearing these hoops is definitely a first. I am guessing they will be a kid magnet! Happy Spring!
  • 🐣🥚🐰I feel like a half birthday on Easter is kind of a special thing, right?!? I mean I have been excited about this 18 month milestone for months now!
  • Fun times
  • Had my first go at making what we call “packs” in our house (or mashed up baby food). Now to see if the little one approves. I have to say they were fun to make. 🥑🍓
  • Throwback to wearing ring slings- have you ever breastfed wearing baby in a ring sling? I have! 🙋🏽‍♀️, I still remember the feeling... it wasn’t exactly hand free for me as you can see I am still supporting baby’s latch, but I just remember feeling so supported both ergonomically and spiritually!

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