Once there was a drop

Then two, three four

To count is not to wish, but add up what we have

And we can go forth to grow big and strong

I like myself as I am, but until I know what this is I will trust in my bodily instincts I have had since birth

There are such things that meet my needs

Day by day our blessings grow

Our views are similar to others expectations

I hear a cry, I know my own I hear a voice, I dare to learn

Desire to be I let that live, but in love I find much comfort

In milk I find much joy

Transition into what I need and we can help

We can earn

Many years later, I sit by your side and remember what I said to you

I believe in equal for many babies but not temptation

In life ward actions in public places

In giving and receiving

For maybe you have taught me connection and that I can trust myself