There are so many options when it comes to feeding your baby some food, that I have compiled this chart to affect my decision on which program to put my baby on. The new options on the market include yumi, serenity, cerebelly and square, each with a little different marketing spin. Baby food is a fabulous thing to over market because it is something that has basically been on the market for years and years. However these companies put a little extra spin on something basic to help you take your feeding to the next level.

One take on breastfeeding and introduction of solids can have to do with focusing on simply one nutrient: iron, while focusing on supplying all other nutrients and vitamins through breastmilk for the remainder of a child’s breastfeeding journey. Ideally about one year for the gentle weaning baby, but could be slightly longer for the baby led weaning baby.

Yumi has marketed itself for primarily getting iron rich nutrients out in the environment for a baby to eat via spoon primarily but also has a more chunky baby led weaning option. They inspired me to make this comparison chart about the different types of baby food programs out there. This concept of having a split where iron is harder to absorb for a while and then becomes easier again may be an interesting and lifelong path for iron absorption later in life. For example, as we use our iron stores, we realize that we also need more, and this becomes more of a relationship that we have throughout life with using and needing that affects development. One of the first foods I started my daughter on was turkey and she loved it, and to this day she is a great meat eater.

It can be fun to compare the different food plans and which one might be right for you although what I have realized through this process is that they end up being more similar than they are different, all have a texture, all have vitamins, all have a container however how is your baby going to absorb and how are you going to have the most long term fun and commitment to the feeding program as a parent?

Personally, I prefer not to make my own and focus on feeding as a social and fun experience. Lots of mothers make their own and focus on the specialness and the love they consider putting into every bite and this is something I would consider too.

Absorption is not always affected through an enzymatic relationship and can be affected by faith through patterning. For example when we receive every vitamin in a balanced way such as through a multi, then your body will select what it wants to absorb versus eating for nutritious calories and getting the vitamin that comes with it. Personally getting your child to eat vegetables has to do with making them appealing and not through practice or repetition, thus my favorite food programs go in this order: serenity, yumi, square and cerebelly. But with a little information, research and opinion you can make the decision on what might be best for your child, your family and your life.