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Pre-IBCLC Exam Thoughts

When I began this blog almost a year ago, my daughter was not even 6 months old. I remember writing my bio and putting “aspiring IBCLC,” with a sense of hope and determination. Someday… I thought to myself as I was actively completing my five hundred practicum hours under my mentor. The journey was certainly a long one but so far it has been worth it. Yet now, with my exam date less than a month a way reality has begun to sink in, and I am beginning to wondering if someday sooner than I think I may need to delete the word “aspiring,” in my biography section.

One thing that is exciting to me about taking this exam is that this will be the first “international,” exam I have ever taken. Even though I will only be in my little suburban Person test center, it is still neat to think that all across the globe people will be sitting for IBCLC exam licensure around the same time. How perfect is it that of all certifications, the lactation certification is an international one? I think that is great, because all across the world people breastfeed! And, to top it off, the world health organization recommends breastfeeding for the first two years of life.

It will be interesting to think how this blog may also change with time. When I began the blog, there was something exciting about writing aspiring before the letters “IBCLC.” To me this blog is a place with creativity and science meet, a place where together ideas can be explored about breastfeeding journeys, hopes, goals and questions while having a conversation about some of the science of breastfeeding. Since then I have covered topics relating to motherhood and breastfeeding ranging from pumping to sign language to baby massage.

If I pass my IBCLC exam I will be excited about improving this blog in even more ways and looking towards breastfeeding science even more while keeping the conversation fun, light and interesting so passions about breastfeeding and motherhood can unite to give babies and toddlers the very best!

Thanks for reading as I approach these final days up to my exam. I may even have to capitalize on this time with even more to write about in the upcoming weeks. Although I will not be able to talk directly about the exam after I take it, there may be a few generalized comments I can make about how I felt of processed the exam experience.

So here’s to a bit more learning, a bit more breastfeeding, and a bit more creativity in the upcoming weeks!…