Moby baby wrap has helped many, many mothers to bond with their children, including me. Right now, as I stand at my standing desk writing this piece, my son is in the Moby wrap and I feel very excited to start my day. When I was a pre-term mom, this wrap gave me a sense of reassurance. When my baby was close to me, we could feel connected to one another’s thoughts in a way that was emotional. It felt like it could do the impossible simply give us a few more moments together, that could possibly have been cut a little too short.

I’ve noticed with my son that even when I tie the wrap he starts to become calm and interested in a way that is genuine and sincere. The reason I like the Moby wrap so much is because it is versatile. There are so many ways to tie it. As a newborn, they can be in it without the legs stretched out, and as a mom, you can be hopeful about the days to come and the different ways to wear the wrap. The secret to wearing the Moby wrap has to do with the first part of how you start the wrap in my opinion. Cloth has an energy to it and I start my wrap as though I would be getting dressed in the morning kind of like a tube top. However, I found that it definitely helps to wear a comfortable cotton shirt under the wrap and also to match your shirt to your mood. It is hard to tie the wrap with a lot of ruffles under your wrap but you can also contemplate about what type of bra to wear with the wrap. The Moby wrap can bring a supportive energy towards breastfeeding and it is possible to go braless with the wrap or wear a tank top.

Once you get the front place on your belly, the soft material wraps around and when you do the ex part together be sure to do it tightly so that it will still support you but then quickly loosen up so that you can smoothly drape the rest of the wrap over prominent body features. By prominent body features I mean pointy parts of your body like your shoulders, ribs or breasts. This way the wrap will feel smooth and breathable, much like a dojo martial artist would wear his uniform or dojo- one with it!

There is a wrong way to tie the wrap but to overcome that, it can be helpful to think of braiding your hair whimsically. I’ve always had a bit of trouble with French braids and that sort of thing but luckily the Moby wrap comes fairly easily to me with the simple catch phrase, “what goes over must go under,” since there are two crisscrosses that make the Moby wrap complete.

The knot at the end isn’t even necessary; to stand and place the baby in if done correctly, but it is a great safety must. I like to think of the knot being wet, and this may help you to sense the quality of the fabric, that it can go through lots of different wear and tear situations. Once baby is big enough, the knot can go down nice and low and can support your lower abdomen for someone getting in shape, or you can place it on baby’s sacrum or just below his hips in order to secure support to his hip development. This is a wonderful way to conclude tying the wrap since it gives the sense of many options or beginner’s mind, a Buddhist principal about seeing things with an open mind. Moby wrap has given me an open heart and a happy baby, however the one thing that is frustrating is that is does limit the amount of things that you can get done. Light housework is possible but nothing like bending over or heavy lifting. This is good to keep in mind, but even limitations can take you to new places- the Moby wrap is great for walks or writing or surfing the internet. Find balance in what you can do- the learning curve is a process that relaxes mama and baby tremendously because it also gives baby a chance to tune out some excess stimulation by still being social, almost like a swaddle for baby and mom.