The first time I flew with a toddler, I have to admit, I was nervous, but I rose to the occasion. The return flight went a little better than the destination flight, and I was glad, because as a tiny tots traveler myself my goal for my daughter has always been to turn her into a little traveler.

Packing for the trip wasn’t as challenging as I thought because I gave myself some alone time and allowed myself to get in the “zone.” To me, packing isn’t all about bringing lots of stuff but sometimes it’s a bit more about your mind and “remembering.” Lots of people forget things on trips but as I pack I try to place, how am I going to be using the thing I bringing, and what my daughter will truly be using. One last word of advice? Always be prepared to be a bit underprepared.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those lactation ladies that supported breastfeeding in public places and been a total advocate, and I’ve kind of been honest with myself that its been a bit of my downfall. But luckily when you got to do what you got to do, there is always a way to rise to the occasion.

The first time I breastfed on plane it was bit ridiculous, but I felt people were still nice about it, and in the end I kind of said “big deal,” to myself, “I didn’t brake any laws.” So, me and my gentle weaning tot got under our little pink blanket, (I had decided not to bring my whole cover because I thought we probably weren’t gonna need it), and her teething side bit me and then she cried when I de-latched her as I am supposed to with my finger.

The second time I breastfed on the plane, she knew what she was doing and I knew what I was doing. I wore my low cut tank top with a button up sweater over it. I sat in a window seat as we flew over the beautiful planes leaving a Las Vegas family vacation. She sat on my lap as she did her latch and looked out the window. And I thought of how its wonderful to have so much time available to nurse on a plane while remembering some of the Nicu nurses and friends who strongly support breastfeeding and all was well. After about 30 minutes she fell asleep on mommy and daddy’s lap right during her nap time. You gotta love it when the world deals you an interesting deck of cards…

Toddler mom life is crazy sometimes. Its messy and filled with fun while making decisions for your child. I am sending Alaska a thank you letter for a wonderful flight and for stewardises that supported breastfeeding with ease when it’s not always easy, not always smooth. I am topping that off with a thank you letter from DHS “safenet,” who happens to support breastfeeding too!! Here’s how you can check out the links to some breastfeeding laws in Oregon: and I am going to make it easy for them while providing the business address they can send the letter too.

I am so grateful that you breastfeed in all fifty states that flying over the planes made me feel high and gleam with pride. Don’t know where you are? Trust, peace out, and just nurse on mama.